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Our scheduled maintenance is now complete, and everything is back to normal. Thank you for your patience, and please let us know if you have any questions!

The web app is now back online and accessible and we are entering the final phase of the Maintenance.

All messages previously queued have now been sent and processed, and new messages are being sent/processed immediately. Our scheduled maintenance is ongoing, and the web app is still unavailable.

Messages are now being sent and processed again. New messages are sent and processed immediately, and we expect all queues to be clear shortly.

All outbound and inbound mail will be queued for approximately 30-40 minutes, starting now. We will post another update once messages are being sent and processed again.


We have started our scheduled database maintenance. We expect the maintenance to last about 2 hours. The affected services will be: - All outbound and inbound messages will be queued for approximately 30-40 minutes during the maintenance. During this time no mail will be processed, but we will accept and queue all messages. - The web app will be unavailable during the maintenance. Throughout the maintenance window, we will post updates on our Status page here to keep you updated on the progress, including when exactly messages will be queued.