Service Issue: Outbound sending via SMTP. Messages are being accepted, with a delay in sending.

Ongoing for 6 minutesAffected: SMTP (sending)

Last update : We're investigating delays in outbound sending via SMTP in the Americas region. Messages are being accepted, though sending is delayed. EMEA and APAC are not impacted.

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DEGRADEDService Issue: Outbound sending. API Timeouts

Dec 21, 2020, 10:43 - 11:53 AMResolved after an hourAffected: API

After a full investigation we are able to confirm this has not been an issue coming from Postmark. Instead this has been related to a network issue due to a router failure in Sweden and the Netherlands regions.

Customers experiencing timeouts had network traffic that was caught up in this, and the traffic never made it to Postmark. The timeout was network based which is why we were not able to see anything in our logs that pointed to a Postmark specific issue. Thank you for your patience while investigated all possible sources.

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We can confirm API timeouts being reported are due to network related issues in Sweden and the Netherlands and not from Postmark specific problem.


We are investigating reports of sporadic API timeouts and will provide an update as soon as we know more.