Service Issue: Outbound sending via SMTP. Messages are being accepted, with a delay in sending.

Ongoing for 9 minutesAffected: SMTP (sending)

Last update : We're investigating delays in outbound sending via SMTP in the Americas region. Messages are being accepted, though sending is delayed. EMEA and APAC are not impacted.

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MAINTENANCEScheduled maintenance: TLSv1.0 Blackout Testing

Mar 30, 2021, 11:09 AM - 11:07 PMResolved after 12 hoursAffected: API

If you see API failures, please see this post for details:

Incident’s History


Our scheduled blackout testing for TLSv1.0 deprecation is now complete. Thanks for working through this change with us!


We are currently performing our scheduled blackout testing for TLSv1.0 deprecation.