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DEGRADEDService Issue: Inbound processing is delayed

Oct 14, 3:34 - 6:25 PMResolved after 3 hoursAffected: SMTP (receiving)

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All queues have now caught up and inbound processing is back to normal. Thank you for your patience as we worked through this, everyone!

Queues are still coming down but not completely back to normal yet. We'll update again when everything is clear.

Inbound queues are improving rapidly now, and we will update again once everything is back to normal.

We are making progress and the queue continues to improve. We'll keep updating the status as we get closer to everything being back to normal.

We have identified the issue with inbound processing delays, and things are improving. We'll update the status again as we have more updates.


Inbound processing is currently delayed. We are looking into the issue.