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MAINTENANCEScheduled maintenance - January 4, 2018

Jan 4, 10:01 PM - Jan 5, 12:30 AM, 2018Resolved after 2 hours

Overall the maintenance was a success. We were able to finish the migration as outlined in our blog post, and everything is running smoothly now. However, as a result of the maintenance web hooks were coming from a different source IP for a while, so we had to pause them while we fixed the problems. This caused about 30 minutes of additional, unplanned delays.

We are sorry that the maintenance took longer than expected. But we are also really glad that it was ultimately successful and that we can now move forward with much more stability and room to grow. Thanks for sticking with us through this period!

Incident’s History


Everything is running smoothly now. We're sorry about the extra delays tonight during our maintenance window. We will follow up with a blog post with more detail about what happened.

All queued outbound messages have now been sent, and we have resolved the issue with inbound messages as well. We are now seeing some intermittent outbound delays that we're investigating.

Outbound messages in the queue are being sent as planned, but we are seeing an issue with queued inbound messages that we're looking into.

We are finishing up our maintenance, starting to send out queued emails, and monitoring progress. We'll post more updates as we go.

Our maintenance is ongoing. We expect messages to be queued for another 10-15 minutes. Thanks for being patient with us!


Our scheduled maintenance is starting now. Messages will be queued for up to 30 minutes. For more background on our recent maintenance windows, see https://postmarkapp.com/blog/postmarks-recent-and-upcoming-maintenance