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DEGRADEDOutbound and inbound messages are delayed, UI not available

May 15, 2018, 2:07 - 3 PMResolved after an hour

On May 15 at 1:48 PM ET we experienced a brief database failure due to a cleanup process that didn't complete successfully. This, in turn, caused all outbound and inbound messages to be delayed for a little over an hour (a small number of messages were delayed for a longer period of time). We were still accepting and processing messages throughout this incident, and all messages were eventually delivered once the database issue was resolved.

We pride ourselves on performance and speed to the inbox, and this is a clear failure on that commitment to our customers. We are doing an internal audit of our alerting and monitoring as well as a review of the infrastructure that queues messages. Our goal is to make sure you can consistently rely on us for the best service possible and we will work hard to make sure this does not happen again.

Incident’s History


We have resolved the issues with delayed sending and receiving. All new emails are being processed immediately, and we're working on clearing remaining email queues.

The Postmark UI is back online, and we are sending and receiving email, but there are still some delays. We're on it.

We have identified the issue with message delays, and are working on a solution.


We are currently seeing some delays in outbound sending as well as inbound processing. The Postmark UI is also not currently available. We are all hands on deck investigating the issue and will keep you updated.