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All Inbound delays have been cleared, and activity events are getting caught up. Outbound messages that include Templates are now delayed.

Inbound messages are showing some delays again. The whole team is hands on and focused on resolving today's problems.

The activity page is now up to date and functioning as expected. But open tracking and stats are still delayed. We're working hard to get this resolved. Thanks for bearing with us!

We're still working on getting Stats, Activity and Webhooks back to normal. Thanks so much for your patience and understanding on this.

Inbound delays are now clearing. We're continuing to work on getting Stats, Activity and Webhooks back to real time. Thanks for hanging in there!


We're working on fixing an issue causing some Inbound messages to be delayed. This is also causing Stats, Activity page updates and Webhook to be lagging as well. Outbound sending is not being affected.