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DEGRADED[Updated] Stats are currently out of date

Sep 10, 2018, 2:58 - 6:08 PMResolved after 3 hours

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Stats are now up to date, and all message queues are clear and humming along. Thank you for your patience today as we worked through these issues!

All outbound messages have now been sent, the queues are clear, and new messages are being processed immediately. Message stats are still delayed and should be up to date in a few hours.

All activity is caught up in the UI. We're also making good progress on message stats, as well as the older messages that are stuck in queue for some customers.


Message stats are currently behind real time, and we're working to resolve the issue. Some customers might also notice that there are older messages stuck in the queue. All new messages are being processed immediately, but we are working on clearing out the older queues.