DDOS causing connection issues

After 4 hours and 26 minutes

Overview of today's DDOS attack:

After 39 minutes

We've confirmed that all services are back to normal and the attack has been mitigated. Emails queued during the outage will be retried and sent. We'll do a more in depth review and post when we have more info.

After 33 minutes

We've identified the DDOS sources and have filters in place now. Connectivity is coming back but we want to continue monitoring to be sure. Stand by.

After 14 minutes

We have our data center working on mitigation of the DDOS attack. We'll keep everyone posted as we have more answers.


It appears we’re experiencing a DDOS attack on our network. Email requests are being saved while we work to resolve this. We’ll update here as we have more information.

Began at: