Service Issue: Web app is down and outbound messages are delayed -- related to AWS issues


AWS's issues have resolved, and we've successfully processed and sent all messages that were automatically queued during the incident. Thank you for your patience.


The web app is back up and running smoothly again. We are continuing to push out queued messages as quickly as we can and new messages are being sent immediately. Thanks for your patience today!


AWS is in the process of resolving the issues on their end. New messages sent through Postmark from this point forward are being sent out immediately. We're currently working on sending the messages queued during the incident. We'll update here once all queued messages have been sent.


This service issue is related to some current AWS issues. We'll continue to monitor and update here with more details. Messages are still being accepted and queued for sending.


Our team is investigating issues with the Postmark web app and sending. Messages are not currently being sent, but they are being received and are being queued for sending.

Began at:

Affected components
  • API
  • SMTP (sending)